Allen C. Smith


All of the artworks presented on this website were created within the past 48 months. All works are for sale. Prices for artworks are determined by size.

The limitations of Internet viewing make these artworks difficult to fully appreciate. Interested collectors are welcome to request pricing via the contact email above. Please supply a physical address and a DVD will be mailed at no charge or obligation. The DVD will contain jpeg files of all available artworks, with titles, dimensions, media, and prices. File sizes of the images will be significantly larger, allowing for close inspection.

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Denny Smith (Allen C. Smith) is an artist living in Elmira, New York.Denny Smith, Allen C. Smith, artist, pencil, Elmira, New York, abstract, colorful. I like to draw. For me, drawing is a visceral experience. Sometimes it is about formality. Sometimes it is about meditation. Sometimes it's just an avenue.My abstractions are borne of thoughts that come to me through the day, usually at first awakening. Often the thought is simply a line or a negative space that I choose to follow with my hand. My preferred media are graphite pencils and wax crayons. The drawings are not sketches for works in other media; they are complete and final. Artists that have influenced my work most directly are Jackson Pollock, Bob Dylan, Franz Kline, Hartung, Kelly (Ellsworth and Walt) and Kandinsky. I have not consciously attempted to emulate these artists. They are simply my comfort. They moved me emotionally when I was most impressionable and have stayed with me. Although I graduated from art school in the mid 70’s, I consider myself an emerging artist. I’m decisively following my passion after a career of subservience.